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About us

Apurano Pharmaceuticals GmbH has set itself the task of developing medicinal products using natural substances in an optimally absorbable form.

Thanks to our unique and patented PuranoTec® production process, we are able to supply the full potency of plants and mushrooms for your health. With regard to the bioavailability of the active ingredients, PuranoTec® is far superior to all conventional methods for manufacturing herbal and fungal medicinal products.
Our team of experts is constantly searching the world for new natural ingredients that can be better absorbed thanks to the PuranoTec® method, thus making them more effective. In doing so, we consistently ensure sustainable, certified cultivation of the plants and mushrooms used in order to ensure the best possible quality of our products. As producers of medicinal products, we are subject to the pharmaceutical regulatory authority of the Government of Upper Bavaria. We constantly review the original quality of our raw materials, the ongoing production process and the end products using the latest technology and in accordance with statutory regulations as well as guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. This results in a drug that meets the latest quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Having development and production under one roof is the cornerstone of our business model. Through the concerted skills and abilities of our employees, we are able to implement innovative product development efficiently by ourselves. Together with our experts, we produce these innovations in our own facilities and put them on the market. Our Development & Production Centre, with its multi-functional design, provides us with the perfect base for this. It combines optimal conditions for production under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions and sustainable, ecological construction, in which our developers can implement creative ideas.

Our scientific approach is to develop and produce natural active ingredients with proven health-promoting efficacy using the latest technology for your health. In doing so, we want to be one of the leading developers and producers of plant-based medicinal products